Digital marketing influences your SEO

Small reminder, SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization". Which means ? In short, SEO represents all the techniques for understanding the content and theme of a page (or several pages) of a website by a search engine such as Google.

About Google ...

Google is today the most used search engine in the world. Before Google was as popular and powerful as it is today, it was a "small" search engine that simply counted the number of keywords and links a page received to judge its position in Results pages. Then some practices began to flourish and proliferate to the point of becoming the norm: for example, keyword stuffing or backlinks hunt (links that point to a web page). But Google did not let itself go and reinforced its algorithm by serious updates, and since then continues to improve. Regularly, the search engine fills its gaps in order to make the system "fairer", in order to allow users to find the most relevant results corresponding to a query.
And this evolution of Google's search algorithm conditions digital marketing ...

About digital marketing ...

Digital marketing refers to all the strategies to be implemented on digital media, in order to optimize:
- Acquisition and retention of new customers
- Promotion of products and services
- Development of brand awareness and brand image

The term digital marketing thus designates several strategies among which:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) = promotion strategy on search tools via SEO, by improving the positioning of a site and thus its visibility in the results pages of the search engines. Or via the commercial links (And thus a paid search engine).
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO), or the use of social networks, blogs, video chains and information portals, to spread its messages to targeted populations and to animate communities. This support is the one that draws today, the growth of the web and mobility upwards, by its viral concept and instantaneity.
  • Mobile marketing: study and implementation of strategies on mobile media through adapted applications or media such as mobile sites.
  • Content marketing.

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